Friday, June 13, 2014

Back to the Desert

I have recently been reading Patrick Macrory's excellent history of the First Anglo-Afghan War, titled "The Fierce Pawns." This got the colonial juices flowing again in my brain and I decided to rake out my 10mm Sudan. There was actually more painted up than I remembered, enough in fact for a small game. So I threw together some rules (which have since gone through several revisions) and had a few small games. I took a few pics of the first couple games. The rules are now quite different from how they were in these games, and I seem to be closing in on a good workable system. Perhaps I'll post the current draft soon if anyone is interested?

I also uncovered the many packs of unpainted 10mm Sudan minis I have lying around. Lots to paint! And I wouldn't mind ordering a brigade's worth of Egyptians...

I also need to make some desert hills, as the cliffs seen in these pictures are probably much better suited to the NW Frontier than the Sudan.


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