Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zulu Dawn

I mentioned in my last post another Africa related project in the works, and here it is!

Towards the end of last year I gave in to the temptation of Warlord's plastic Zulus. I went for the 5 box deal (165 figures) which came out to a mere $125 Canadian. With a deal like that, how could I refuse?!

The Zulu War is a period I have wanted to do pretty much since I became a wargamer. Like many, watching the film Zulu as a young lad had a big impact and really got me interested in military history. I can still remember playing with the old ESCI 1/72 Zulu war minis, the Brits bravely defending their bluetack barricades against hopeless odds. I think I used Napoleonic Scots Greys as Natal Native Horse. Ahh the joys of being young and not worrying about accuracy!

It's also a period my dad has been fascinated by since he was a kid. With the release of high quality 28mm plastics it seemed like it was high time to start buying and painting some miniature Zulus.

I have finished the first unit (7 more to go!). It is meant to be a married unit, from the Utulwana regiment.

Rules wise, The Sword and the Flame (thus the 20 strong unit) is my go to colonial rules, though I also have some ideas floating around for my own rules.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these pics of my first Zulus.