Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pendraken Painting Competition

Just my entries for this year's competition.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

15mm Rhodesian Light Infantry

The Rhodesian Brush War is a project I've had in mind for awhile, and last year I decided to take the plunge. Inspired by the blog Daddy's Little Men, I decided to do the period in 15mm with LinkPeter Pig minis. As with said other blog, I did head swaps to give some variety to the troops. I gave them a mix of caps, bush hats and bareheaded. I was somewhat dismayed to find that the PP separate heads are a fair bit bigger than the heads on the AK-47 Republic minis, but once painted up they look alright.

The camo was a bit tricky, but I think it came out fairly well. I painted them with a mix of coloured footwear, mostly black or brown. Some of the guns are camoflaged, though it's hard to tell in the photos. This overall somewhat mixed appearance seems to fit all the pictures I've seen of the RLI, along with what I have read. The men tended to ware a rather hodgepodge mix of gear.

I painted 6 sticks (the standard 4 man unit of the RLI), plus a few extra figures.

I have several dozen insurgents about half painted. I would have had them done by now, but I got sidetracked by another new Africa related project...