Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Slight Delay

I'd thought I'd have new pics up on the blog by now, but have been distracted by a few things. Finished school for the summer last week. Then on Monday I began experiencing abdominal pain. It lasted through the night and into Tuesday when it became localized on the lower right side of my abdomen. Went to emergency, and after much waiting found out I likely had appendicitis and had to stay in for immediate surgery. Had the op on Tuesday night and was in hospital for most of Wednesday. Now home, but can't move or walk very well (at least not without a considerable amount of pain). On top of it all I had to miss going to Vancouver with a bunch of friends to see Rush today, which was more of a kick in the ass than the surgery! So it will probably be another week or so before I get around to more painting and taking pictures for the blog.

Hope you all are well and haven't had to lose any organs lately!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Brief Update And Some Ideas

It's been months since my last post, and I apologize for that. I have been pretty swamped with classes these last few months, but after this coming week I will done for the summer. That means more time for the hobby.

There's some sci-fi stuff I want to finish up and take some pictures of, such as my Hammers Slammers force.

The Sudan collection has been added to a bit. Slow, but steadily, the forces are growing. Maybe one day I'll actually have enough Dervish for a game!

Expect eye candy in the coming weeks.

I've also started another project (not that I needed another!) in the last few months: 15mm Vietnam. I've had 25mm Vietnam minis (the sadly now defunct line from London War Room), but I want to do reinforced platoon level games with vehicles, and I don't have the table space nor the budget big enough to handle that in 28mm. The minis I'm using are a mix of Flashpoint, Battlefront and Peter Pig. I've already got a Huey done and my US Infantry platoon is about half done. Pics to follow...

I am re-writing my sci-fi skirmish rules for the umpteenth time. I am changing the initiative system/turn sequence again. This time going for a card based system like IABSM. Hopefully it will work. I am also expanding the rules to cover counter-insurgency style games so I can use them for Vietnam and modern Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course they will still work for conventional warfare and for sci-fi forces. I think I may be finally closing in on the rules I really want. Maybe.

I've also lately been temped by a few periods. The Indian Mutiny is one I've been interested in for a couple years. Dixon is really the only option in 15mm and I'm not fond of their single, static poses for each troop type. In 28mm there is the lovely range by Old Glory, as well as the pricey old Foundry range. Oh yes, and the new range from Mutineer Miniatures. Not too cheap, but they look nice. A 10mm line is high on Pendraken's request list, but even if it does happen I imagine it won't be for a good year or two at least. What to do...

The War of 1812 is a period I have wanted to do for many years now. With the bicentennial fast approaching now seems as good a time as any to finally get the project on the go. I still can't decide what scale I want to do it in. 15mm is certainly the more affordable option, with nice ranges from both Minifigs and Old Glory. But the smaller battles and interesting units makes me want 28mm. The Old Glory 28mm line looks good, and Knuckleduster is steadily releasing minis for the period as well. Plus the British regulars would be easy to do with lovely plastics from both Perry and Victrix.

With both the Mutiny and 1812 28mm seems the best bet, but again there is the issue of space and money.

While painting tonight I got a few ideas for some rules for 19th century conflicts like 1812 and the Mutiny. I'll need to flesh it out a fair bit, but I think these ideas should make for a good game. And more importantly allow a small British force to take on a large, well armed Mutineer or Sikh force and actually win. Thinking about these rules has got me wanting minis for these conflicts even more.

What are you working on, gaming wise, dear reader?