Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Future Plans...

Just some thoughts on my hobby plans for the near future...

Make more ruined buildings. I want enough to cover a 4' x 4' board. I might buy some more of JR Minatures' great buildings too. Along with these I've still got lots of sprues of Platformer and Chemical Plant sets from Pegasus. I want to do some more industrial type terrain, so these will come in quite handy. Thinking of some ponds of toxic waste, wrecked cars, desert type bases of rocks and junk.

I plan on ordering some more stuff from GZG, once the new NAC power armour is out. Jon said that will be very soon, I assume once he is caught up on orders as apparently GZG is getting swamped with 15mm orders! And there is some more stuff I want from Khurasan.

Still have a bunch of stuff to paint. Khurasan post-apoc gangers, the Alien king and queen, two predators, Alien eggs. And with my vehicle order coming in the mail from Old Crow that will mean lots more stuff to paint! I think there are about 10 or so vehicles coming if memory serves.

This will also lead to beginning to properly write and test vehicle rules for my sci-fi ruleset. I've got some rough ideas, but nothing too concrete. The infantry rules seem to finally be about done so it's nice to be making progress with the rules.

At some point I want to re-visit my 10mm Sudan project as well. I need far more Mahdists. And another brigade of Imperial Troops wouldn't hurt. Still not too sure about rules. Black Powder is the main contender, though the new set A Good Dusting by David Bickley seem rather intriguing.

So what are you working on, dear reader?

Post-script: I forgot to mention in my last post where I got the inspiration for the red and grey paint scheme. So, credit where credit is due! I got it from this fine blog: http://crowmag99-the15mm.blogspot.com/

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